Sweet Success At Last

Colorado Springs, CO 

Where the prairie ends and the west begins 

Hello the blogiverse and all you web surfers out there in the electronic haze . . .

Just like the singer Dr. Hook, who couldn’t get his picture on the Rolling Stone Magazine,

we’ve been unable to get any mention of our books in the Colorado Springs Gazette, our local primary source newspaper.  Until now, that is.  Thanks to the efforts of fellow writer Bert Entwistle who authored The Drift, an environmental thriller featuring special agent Jack Bannister, we’ve been able to crack the DNA code down there at our anachronistic newspaper.  To wit:


            Friday Oct 19, 2012 the Gazette GO! section pg 27

            Arts and Entertainment


            HOT OFF THE PRESS

            recent regional author offerings:


“The Whim-Wham Man”- By John Dwaine

McKenna. Published by Rhyolite Press, rhyolitepress

.com.  Synopsis by the publisher.  ‘”The Whim-Wham

Man,’ the first of a series featuring CSPD Detective

Jake McKern, is a coming-of-age and murder mystery

that takes place in 1940 in Husted, Colorado, 12

miles north of Colorado Springs.  Inspired by actual

events, its heart-stopping action will keep you on

the edge of your seat and glued to the pages as

you live through the tragic life altering, three-day

metamorphosis in the life of young Jamey McGoran.

‘The Whim-Wham Man’ has it all: a crime you can’t

forgive, a plot you couldn’t imagine, and a charac-

ter you’ll never forget.”


            . . . like the Doctor sings:

                        We keep getting richer

                         but we can’t get our picture

                         on the cover of The Rollin’ Stone

Sorry Doc.  Not for us. Not anymore!