Same Blog-New Look-Some News You Can Use

Don’t worry!  It’s the same ole BS & Donkey Dust you’re used to, but from now on it’ll just have the title, not the name.  Confused?  Me too, but look at the title up there.  See?  There’s a title, but no name.  (BS & Donkey Dust #10)  Ahhh . . . now I’ve got it.

We’ll also be publishing it on Wednesday afternoons at 5pm Mountain Standard time.

Now For the News:

Rhyolite Press LLC has announced that the release (shipping) date for The Whim-Wham Man will be August 15, 2012.  I’m excited, it’s my second book, after all.  A sneak peek follows at the end of the blog.

In celebration and as a Thank-you offer to our readers and fans, Rhyolite Press is offering the following special to our blog readers.

Pre-order The Whim-Wham Man on our website, by midnight August 14, and you’ll receive a monster 20% discount off the cover price.  This means 3 bucks off the $15.00 cover price.  You’ll get first crack at the brand-new, hot off the presses copy of The Whim-Wham Man for a low $12.00 price AND your copy will be sent to you in our very first shipment.  There’s more, we’ll discount the usual $5.00 shipping and handling charge by an awesome 50 per cent.  That’s half-price!  You pay just $2.50.

But Wait . . . there’s still even more.

I’ll personally sign each and every book on the title page and put a beautiful, two-sided, full color bookmark in as my special gift for you.

So . . . pre-order The Whim-Wham Man before August 15 and get

1 copy of The Whim-Wham Man @ 20% discount                   $12.00

Shipping and handling @ 50% discount                          $ 2.50

Double-sided full color bookmark                                              free

Author’s signature on the title page                                             priceless

Pay just                                                                                    $ 14.50 Total

You save $5.50. Pay only $14.50 instead of the normal price $20.00 using safe, secure, PayPal on our website,

ACT NOW!  This offer won’t be repeated and expires at midnightAugust 14, 2012, when the fat lady sings.

About The Whim-Wham Man

A complex and intriguing story, The Whim-Wham Man takes place in Husted, Colorado, just north of the city of Colorado Springs in May of 1940.  It’s a coming-of-age and murder mystery  . . . it’s a tragedy about the tearing apart of two families, the effect of the Great Depression, homelessness and mental illness, serial killers and vigilantism . . . as well as the looming inferno of World War II and a redemption of sorts in the form of patriotism and heroism, and lastly, it’s about deep, unrelenting, unremitting guilt.  Follow the narrative of fifteen year old Jamey McGoran as he lives through the last day of his childhood.  A day of unspeakable horror, criminality and depravity, it’s a day in which one fateful decision will determine the direction of the rest of his life . . . and a double hand full of others as well.

The Whim-Wham Man is a story that has it all . . .

A crime you can’t forgive

A plot you couldn’t imagine

And a character . . .

You’ll never forget.

Order yours today!