The Whim-Wham Man wins Silver EVVY for Best Fiction


The Whim-Wham Man wins Silver EVVY for Best Fiction

Colorado Springs, Colorado — Rhyolite Press is pleased and proud to announce that local author John Dwaine McKenna has won a coveted CIPA EVVY award for the second consecutive year.  McKenna’s book, The Whim-Wham Man, is a coming of age and murder mystery, that takes place in 1940 in the small town of Husted, twelve miles north of Colorado Springs and now a part of the U.S. Air Force Academy.  The book was awarded the Silver Prize for fiction, 2013.

Company spokeswoman, Lora Brown said, “The competition was especially intense this year as it was open to all writers worldwide.  It took not only a well-written and compelling story by John Dwaine McKenna, but also a beautifully designed cover by Donald R. Kallaus that features an 1880’s masterpiece painting of Pikes Peak, to capture the EVVY.  We are extremely gratified to win this prestigious award for the second year in a row, and have our first multiple winner.”

The Colorado Independent Publishers Association, CIPA, awarded it’s Nineteenth Annual Excellence in Writing Prizes on May 18th in Denver.

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