Mysterious Book Report No. 54

Hello everyone out there in the ether, newspaper-land, and all the ships at sea.  As I am writing this column today is Monday, the 21st of May.  What’s that got to do with anything, you ask?  After all, as you’re seeing it in today’s newspaper, blog, or Facebook page, it’s the third week of June; Thursday, the 21st to be exact.  Whazzup?

The answer is that it’s the lag time between creating the column, production, and distribution of it, to your consumption of it.  The time lapse however, changes the value of the information that is news today . . . but just plain old facts four weeks from now, gives me a chance to comment on the value of information . . . when it’s news, and when information stops being news . . . when it’s just information: and a brief observation about procrastination.  And hey, Hey! Don’t reach for that remote.  It’s gonna be short, sweet and of great interest to teenagers around the world.  Yeah, right.

See, last week was the CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) annual awards ceremony in Denver.  We showed up five strong, met with about 300 of our closest friends we’d never met before.  There were celebrities and dignitaries, writers, readers, publishers, printers, judges . . . and even a couple of seeing-eye dogs.  It was a blind judging you see . . .

After all the judging was finished, and all the noshing and joshing, the politicking, pandering, woof-woof and bow-wowing, our own Neversink Chronicles was awarded first prize, Best Fiction 2012 by a jury of our peers. John Dwaine McKenna himself was speechless . . . without words for the first time in a long time as, by prior arrangement, Ms. Lora Brown accepted the award on behalf of Rhyolite Press; the rest of us cheering her on.

After the photos, and the handshakes, congratulations, and pats on the back, we made it home to Colorado Springs about midnight.  It was one am before we got to bed, but couldn’t sleep.  I spent Friday in Press Release Hell, Saturday and Sunday basking in glory; up to my ears in attaboy emails.  Now it’s Monday afternoon and holy Smith-Coronas batman . . . I’m two columns short of my self-imposed Wednesday deadline to have five of ‘em ready.  “Oh well,” Batman said in his manliest he-man voice inside my head . . . oh well, John-O, like grandma O’toole always said, “If yez can’t blind ‘em with brilliance, then baffle ‘em with bull- . . .”   Anyway, you know what she meant, don’t you?  I hope it gave you a few chuckles along the way.  Next week we’ll get back to the Edgars with the 2012 winner Gone, by a British writer named Mo Hayden.

In case you’re as time-challenged as me, your local library has many, many, many self-help books available to teach all of us how to efficiently manage time and tasking, or any other self-improvement topic you’re able to dream up.  And not only that, they’re fully staffed with charming and brilliant librarians to help you.  It’s a no-brainer for us patrons, with no baffling on the librarians part.  They’d never do anything like that.  They have, or can get, the answers we seek.

Had a chance to check out my website yet?

It’s got lots of new stuff on it, as well as all the good old stuff that’s always been found there.  Stuff like reading lists, free stories, all the Mysterious Book Reports, starting with number one, there’s links and blogs, photos, posts and places to leave your own remarks.  That’s right, you can leave your own mark in cyberspace, just like Spock or Data, Captain Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard.  No computer?   No problem.  Go to the library and use theirs.  The helpful, friendly folks there will teach and show you how.  If all else fails, do it the traditional way at P.O. Box 2406, Colorado Springs, CO  80901.  We’d love to hear what you have to say.  Signed copies of The Neversink Chronicles are available at Cannie D’s in Neversink, the Time and the Valleys Museum Store in Grahamsville,  The Little Store in Roscoe, Rhyolite Press P.O. Box 2406 or  Regular copies are at Amazon, or your favorite bookstore, eBook retailers, and Kindle and iPad.

That’s it for today.  We’ll see you next week with a brand-new, well-polished, pleasing and interesting MBR.