Is Anyone There?

 by: John Dwaine McKenna
BS & Donkey Dust #26
Tuesday, 1/30/2013
Colorado Springs, CO

Where the prairie ends and the west begins

Hello the blogiverse and all you ethernet surfers out there in the electronic haze . . .

Is anybody there?  Is anyone reading this?  H E L L O ?  Anybody out there . . . please call or write.  Let me know we’re not alone . . .

Hey seriously, I’ve just finished reading two great novels.  The first is The Hot Country, by Robert Olen Butler.  It’s historical fiction about the Mexican Civil War and Pancho Villa.  The second one is Gun Church, by Reed Farrel Coleman.  Look for complete book reviews on this website in a couple of weeks or so.

And really, let us know you’re listening from out there in the ozone.