Hush Hush

Hush Hush

Special Mysterious Book Report No. 7

by John Dwaine McKenna and Lora Brown

With the finesse and lightness of a lady’s touch Lora Brown has selected for her next Special MBR, a critically-acclaimed, bestselling, award-winning and universally-admired mystery writer who’s a perennial favorite because her plots are so diabolic, her characters so twisted, and prose so smooth.  The author’s name is Laura Lippman, and she has more than twenty books to her credit, all of which speak to the reader on a personal level because they all touch upon our deep-seated, basic human fears and longings.

Hush Hush, (Wm Morrow/Harper Collins, $26.99, 303 pages, ISBN 978-0-06-208342-5) features Baltimore private investigator and serial character Tess Monaghan.  She’s a new mother now and when she’s asked by her lawyer pal to into the security needs of celebrity film maker Melisandre Dawes, Tess doesn’t want to get involved.  That’s because a little over a decade ago, Melisandre left her infant daughter in her car on a blazing hot Maryland afternoon in August.  The two-month old baby girl died while her mother sat on the nearby shore of the Patapsco River.  At trial, Melisandre was let off by reason of insanity.  She gives up custody of her two other young daughters and leaves the country.  Now, she’s back, having reinvented herself as a documentary filmmaker, with intentions of filming herself attempting to reconnect with her estranged teenaged daughters.  But there’s a problem.  Lingering doubts about the truthfulness of her insanity claim cause her ex-husband, the girls parent and guardian who’s remarried and father of a newborn, to throw up a roadblock.  Then he’s murdered.  All eyes turn toward Melisandre, the most likely suspect, and Tess must decide if she’s able to help a woman she doesn’t like, doesn’t trust and can’t stand.  Then . . . she realizes that the case has attracted a stalker with a grudge, against her!  The tension ratchets up on every page as Ms. Lippman blends psychology, fear and danger together into an almost unbearable level of suspense with the sure hand of a master wordsmith.  Lora gives it 4 stars and says it’s suitable for teens and up.

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