Colorado   Springs, Colorado

Hey everyone out there in the blogosphere:

Every writer loves hearing from their readers.  Here’s a recent one that came by email and had us smiling for the rest of the day.  We’d like to share it with all of you . . .

Hi John:

“We were in Peter’s Whole Foods Market on Wednesday and saw The Neversink Chronicles sales display on the counter.  Frank pointed it out, and one of the young girls that works at Peter’s Market was standing by.  I asked her, “Are they signed copies?” Her response was “Oh, yes,” followed by some great commentary.  Not only did she explain that every copy was signed, but that the author was from the area, and . . . I let her go on and when she was done, asked if she liked the book and of course, she did.  That’s when I told her, “Then make sure you get the Townsman and read the Mysterious Book Report he writes each week!”  She was amazed that we knew such a “famous” person and that he actually lived only a short distance from where we lived in Grahamsville when he was growing up.


Linda Commando, Editor

The Tri-Valley Townsman

Grahamsville, New York