Great News!

Colorado Springs, CO Where the west begins and the prairie ends   Great News!  Personally very excited!!

A Book Signing

When:  Saturday Nov 24, 2012

11:00 to 1:00

Where:  The Covered Treasures Bookstore

105 2nd Street

Monument, Co 


John Dwaine McKenna will be there with his newest publication, The Whim-Wham Man.  This is a story that takes place about 12 miles north of Colorado Springs in 1940.  It’s a coming-of-age story
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Colorado Springs, CO August 23, 2012 Oops! So sorry I forgot that Wednesday comes before Thursday, on Tuesday.  So I didn't get this blog in on time, my fault entirely. The blog this week is that there won't be a blog this Wed Aug 22 or Aug 29. We'll be back on September 5th with all new BS and Donkey Dust.
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3 Rules for the Blind and Baffled

Colorado   Springs, CO I spend a lot of time in the cobweb filled attic of my mind, poking around in dusty old boxes and trunks, looking for interesting stuff to write about.  Sometimes I find gold . . . others . . . nothing but junk.  Those are the days I can’t blind ‘em with brilliance so I wind up in the baffle with bullshit camp.  You know: The next door neighbor’s orangutan got loose and broke into our house and tore the place apart while I was at church services helping take up the collection and clean up the church afterwards.  Oh yeah, I helped a couple of old ladies get across the street on my way home, so Icouldn’t get my homework assignment done. First rule of Bafflement:


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Great Good News About Healthcare

  Colorado Springs, Colorado Comrades!  I have great good news!  Soon, everyone will have health insurance!  Access to health care is, after all, one of your basic human rights according to someone, somewhere and publicly endorsed by the always loquacious and eager to articulate anonymous source. There is unfortunately however, how do you say . . . yes.  There is however, an unfortunate insect in the borscht.  Err
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What’s Hot


Colorado   Springs, CO The news from Colorado this week is all hot.  The Denver Broncos opened training camp and new quarterback, Peyton Manning is hot, hot, hot.  The Colorado Rockies are not so hot; they're the cellar-dwellers in the NL West.  Some burned-out homeowners in the Waldo Canyon fire are hot under the collar, trying to figure out their insurance claims and navigate the Byzantine rules and regulations of the Regional Building Department, and the whole summer's been unseasonably hot for everyone. Up here, around the hacienda high on the mesa, we're going hot and heavy with preparation for the release of our next book: The Whim-Wham Man, a coming-of-age murder-mystery, due out in the next three
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Same Blog-New Look-Some News You Can Use

Don’t worry!  It’s the same ole BS & Donkey Dust you’re used to, but from now on it’ll just have the title, not the name.  Confused?  Me too, but look at the title up there.  See?  There’s a title, but no name.  (BS & Donkey Dust #10)  Ahhh . . . now I’ve got it.

We’ll also be publishing it on Wednesday afternoons at 5pm Mountain Standard time.

Now For the News:

Rhyolite Press LLC has announced that the release (shipping) date for The Whim-Wham Man will be August 15, 2012.  I’m excited, it’s my second book, after all.  A sneak peek follows at the end of the blog. In celebration and as a Thank-you offer to our readers and fans, Rhyolite Press is offering the following speci
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