BS & Donkey Dust No. 14

The Trade Show 

Colorado Springs, CO

Where the prairie ends and the west begins.

Hello blogiverse and all you internet surfers out there in the electronic haze . . .

We’re just back from the Big Do up in Denver, where we were cheek to jowl with the likes of Random House, Penguin Book Group USA, Hatchette Book Group, Harper Collins publishers, McGraw-Hill Companies, Simon & Shuster and  . . . well you get the idea.  The high and mighty were all out in force.  You could easily tell who they were by the abundances of hardcover books and proliferation of snooty sales reps who sourly pointed to the many “Do Not Take Books Unless We Offer Them To You.” signs they had strategically placed among their bookstacks, whenever one of the press reps approached.  I guess they couldn’t afford enough to service the hoi-poloi like us.  With our color-coded ID badges, it didn’t take a lot of imagination to feel like those who were forced to wear the infamous six-pointed star armbands back in 1930’s Germany.

Meanwhile, upstart Rhyolite Press, represented by yours truly and Bert Entwistle, were doing their best to give away as many books as possible after carefully signing each one.  Well, one of us was.  The other guy was busy signing IOU’s.  Meanwhile, the whole Rhyolite Press Gang, consisting of Lora, Don, and June were out and about, busily meeting and greeting folks, talking about books and passing out business cards.  It was a full frontal assault, a total team effort and full-court press . . . and, huh? What’s that? Oh. Ok. I see wrong blog.  Sorry about that.  I’ll see you next week with the rest of the news about the 2012 Trade Show and lots more BS & Donkey Dust.