Readers comments

 Readers comments about The Neversink Chronicles:

“Just ran across this while reading The Townsman tonight. Been a long time, Mr. McKenna. I’ll be ordering a copy and can’t wait for another school break to get into the history of “our hometown”. We will have to reconnect and share some stories.”
Wendy (smith) hyndman

Adept writing. Commendable and compelling.”

“I just finished reading The Neversink Chronicles. Great story-easy to relate to-I wish it were longer and am looking forward to your next book.”
–LaVerne B. Hasbrouck, NY

“Love the book, great picture of small town life. Can’t wait for volume II”
–Linda C, Grahamsville, NY

“I thoroughly enjoyed it!”
Susie M., Colorado Springs, CO

“Couldn’t put it down. Fabulous book . . . thrilled with the way you brought your characters to life. I could almost see and hear them!”
Vickie K., Westminister, CO

“Fantastic ! Could smell the grease and feel the cold air, felt like I was right in the room”
Mike C., Bradley, NY

“Couldn’t put it down, I had to see what happened next.”
Mary L., Clarendon, TX

“The stories are just great. I read it all during the great October snow. Now my wife and son have read it too. We all enjoyed it greatly.”
Arden D., Neversink, NY

“Enjoyed the stories very much. Your command of dialect is amazing, the stories are just wonderful. So enjoyable”
Linda Z., Pueblo, CO

“Just Another Day gave me chills remembering my own Vietnam experience”.
Skip M., Colorado Springs, CO

“Hated parting with the manuscript, as I knew things were changing quickly in Neversink. That’s when you know you have a great book in your hands.”
Leigh D., Boulder, CO

“A gem !”
Professor B., Colorado Springs, CO

“A gifted and natural born story teller with command of dialog and dialect. Congratulations!”
Clark S. San Diego, CA

“A gifted storyteller. An amazing first book. Keep writing, you have a great future ahead of you.”
Allison, Durango, CO

Other readers reactions

“Kept me in suspense and reading long after my bedtime.”
“Easy to engage characters”
“A unique writing style.”
“Looking forward to your next book.”
“Couldn’t put it down, had to see what happened next”
“You have the gift. Please keep writing.”