John McKenna’s award-winning library of fiction novels, murder mysteries, coming of age stories and historical fiction are captivating readers from NY to CA.


John Dwaine McKenna takes readers on the wild side with 11 of the best stories in hardboiled crime stories you’ll ever read.

The noir fiction tells tales of murder, mayhem and crimes of passion from the dark and seamy underbelly of Little London, nestled at the face of Pikes Peak, where life and death struggles play out by the hour. You’ll ride along with Elaine, The Aluminum Mistress, as she struggles to survive on the cold streets of Colorado Springs, making her living from trash cans; Hang out with Yazzie and Darrel Lee as they learn to live rough, surviving by petty theft, until on of them commits a capital crime in The Ghosts of Christmas Present. And treat yourself to the second Jake McKern novella in A Mischief of Rats, where a crime spree for the century will leave you gasping for air while you watch blood run through the streets of Colorado Springs.

This multi-award winning book is was readers and reviewers are calling “Noir Fiction at its finest!”

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The Whim - Wham ManThe Whim˗Wham Man, the first of a detective crime novel series featuring CSPD Detective Jake McKern, is a coming of age and murder mystery that takes place in 1940 in Husted, Colorado, 12 miles north of Colorado Springs. Inspired by actual events, its heart-stopping action will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued to the pages as you live through a tragic, life-altering three-day metamorphosis in the life of young Jamey McGoran. The Whim˗Wham Man has it all, a crime you can’t forgive, a plot you couldn’t imagine . . . and a character you’ll never forget.

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The Neversink Chronicles

The Neversink Chronicles is seventeen linked fictional stories that outline, define and cover the conflict between water needs, property rights and human rights in an enjoyable, entertaining and highly readable manner by illustrating the lives of ordinary citizens caught in the conflict as New York City takes their property in its relentless quest for water. It’s powerful, provocative, and impossible to put down.

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