My Essay on The Story Prize, 2012

In the 22nd in a series of posts on 2012 short story collections entered for The Story Prize, John Dwaine McKenna, author of The Neversink Chronicles (Rhyolite Press), talks about coping with adversity.

If you’re fortunate and live a long enough life, at some point you’ll be faced with adversity because perfect lives only come in fairy tales. Real life is hard, unfair, tragic, heartbreaking, incomprehensible, competitive, joyous, unpredictable, finite . . . and somewhere along the line between birth and death, each and every one of us will deal with adversity. Then, after being annealed by it, we will be changed for the rest of our lives.

For our family adversity came with the millennium. On Friday, February 18, 2000, at eight o’clock in the evening, our lives were changed forever when I fell about three feet and introduced my face to the hardwood floor. When I tried to move, my right side from shoulder to toe was paralyzed. I’d just become a quadriplegic. To Read More, Please CLICK HERE.