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This is a personal message from me, Lora Brown.  We are very excited at Rhyolite Press about the enclosed press release and news about The Neversink Chronicles.  I’m personally appealing to you to share the press release with all of your Facebook friends. The reason is because  we don’t have the money for a big advertising campaign, so we are hoping you will spread the word.  We’d be ever so grateful if you would.

                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


The Neversink Chronicles wins the CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) award for Best Fiction 2012.


     A capacity crowd of publishers, authors, artists, celebrities and industry insiders were on hand at the Lone Tree Arts Center in Denver last Thursday, May 17, 2012  for the 18th annual CIPA EVVY awards.  The EVVYs are presented each spring to the publishers and authors of the Best Books of the Year.  The competition was intense; this year saw 197 entries and 70 finalists in various categories.  After a thorough vetting, Rhyolite Press is proud to announce that the 2012 EVVY for First Prize in Fiction is:


                             The Neversink Chronicles

                                by John Dwaine McKenna


     Interviewed after the ceremony and awards presentation, author John Dwaine McKenna remarked We have been judged by an assembly of our peers and found worthy of excellence.  It is thanks to the team efforts of the talented folks at Rhyolite Press: Donald R. Kallaus, chief designer and layout artist; production assistants June McKenna, Lora Brown, and Sally Lemmon; webmaster Michael Kimbrel and web strategist Susan McKenna; and our editor-in-chief Alison Auch.


     A limited number of signed copies of The Neversink Chronicles are available at www.rhyolitepress.com, or you can do it the traditional way by sending $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping to Rhyolite Press LLC, PO Box 2406, Colorado Springs, CO. 80901 or call 719-203-5265 for credit card sales.

Regular copies are available at Amazon, or your favorite bookstore, as an eBook on Kindle, Apple or most eBook retailers.

John Dwaine McKenna The Neversink Chronicles

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